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420 Friendly Hotels in Denver Colorado

Denver is at the center of the cannabis movement in the United States. Thanks to progressive legislation as it applies to cannabis, the state of Colorado was one of the first to become famous for marijuana. Our city continues to stay at the forefront of the industry, and now people can even find hotels where the consumption of cannabis is allowed. Don’t just light a joint in any old hotel, though– there are still rules and regulations you need to be aware of as you search for your 420 friendly hotels in Denver.

What to Know About 420 Friendly Hotels in Denver

Denver is a popular tourist location for cannabis enthusiasts, and all of those people need a place where they can safely and legally enjoy products from their favorite Colorado dispensaries.

Colorado laws allow rental properties, cabins, and hotels to make their own decisions about whether or not the consumption of cannabis is legal on their property, just like with tobacco. Also like tobacco, most hotels choose to take a smoke-free approach as they don’t want to lose business from people who are opposed to smoking of any kind.

Luckily for us, other hotels have realized that they can win a lot of business by allowing guests to smoke on their property, especially when it comes to cannabis. Many hotels and privately owned rentals have established smoking areas where people can enjoy their bud as much as the scenery and accommodations. In some cases, hotels are known to be 420 friendly in terms of vaping, but they don’t allow any form of smoking that involves actual combustion. Of course, adult cannabis customers can always opt for edibles since those are discreet and will be allowed in most rental properties.

Finding 420 Bud & Breakfast in Denver

In addition to weed-friendly hotels, there are a lot of other lodging options that allow their guests to consume cannabis. Many people like to rent a private home, or you can find a variety of bed and breakfast options that specialize in hosting cannabis enthusiasts.

Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens is always known to please visitors. Such a location might also be referred to as a “bud and breakfast.” Short stay hotels like that are nice because they’re specifically tailored for the cannabis experience.

If you’re committed to staying at a hotel you have some options in the Denver area. A couple of our favorites include:

Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver – This newly renovated friendly atmosphere has an inviting outdoor smoking area, vape-friendly rooms, and a rooftop pool that’s especially relaxing after you’ve enjoyed some of your favorite products from a Denver dispensary.

Holiday Chalet – This hotel offers a designated 420 friendly smoking patio. It’s also pet-friendly, which is perfect for guests who brought their furry friends along for some hiking in the great outdoors. Breakfast is included in case you work up an appetite.

There are lots of other great options in the area so don’t hesitate to explore them all. You can even get a recommendation from one of our budtenders.

Stock up on Cannabis supplies

Before you can make the most of your 420 hotels in Denver, you’ll have to stock up on supplies. Come visit us at Greenfields, where we have a full dispensary menu that is sure to make your vacation memorable. We’re sure you’re in a hurry to get to the fun part of your trip, so you can even place your order online for maximum convenience!

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