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Here in Colorado, we’re at the forefront of the global cannabis community. The legal marijuana industry is as developed here as it is just about anywhere, which is excellent for anyone who wants to find the best strains, edibles, concentrates, and other products. Now that there’s so much access to recreational marijuana in Denver, some people have many questions about it. Here are answers to some of the most popular questions we get at both of our dispensaries in Denver.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are organic compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. Scientists and researchers have been able to identify a wide variety of different cannabinoids, but cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most prevalent by far. CBD is what people are getting when they buy hemp products, and it’s legal on a federal level throughout the United States. It’s not psychoactive, and people buy CBD for a variety of reasons.

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. It’s not yet legal on the federal level in the United States; it’s legal here in Colorado and a few other states. Most customers who visit our dispensaries in Denver are looking for products with high THC levels. You may soon start hearing more about other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC, among others.

What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

Even though recreational cannabis is legal here in Colorado, it’s still possible to become a medical marijuana patient. Recreational marijuana products and medical marijuana products are very similar, but there are two primary reasons someone might want to shop at a medical marijuana dispensary instead:

    1. Some medical marijuana products can have more THC, which is especially true for edibles. Both recreational marijuana products and medical marijuana products are held to high standards for quality, but recreational edibles are limited in their maximum THC content. Some people prefer to buy medical marijuana edibles so they can get more THC in a single package.
    2. Taxes are lower for medical marijuana than recreational marijuana, so the overall price to the customer is lower. This might not be a big deal for most people who only visit their Denver dispensary occasionally. Still, some people who buy a lot of cannabis say they can save money by becoming a medical marijuana patient.

What’s the Difference Between Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana?

There’s some confusion about the terms cannabis, hemp, and marijuana, much of which is caused by this plant’s confusing legal status in the United States. Marijuana and hemp are both ways to refer to cannabis plants depending on the plant’s THC content. We call cannabis plants hemp when they have no more than 0.3% THC content because that’s the maximum THC level that’s legal on a national level in the United States. We call cannabis plants marijuana when they have more than 0.3% THC.

When you’re buying products online or in states where marijuana hasn’t been legalized, you can only purchase hemp-derived CBD products. Here in Denver, though, you can visit your dispensary to buy products made with marijuana. It’s all the cannabis plant, but these words have become important because they help people talk about legal distinctions.

How Much Marijuana Can I Buy at One Time?

Recreational marijuana customers can buy up to one ounce (28 grams) in a single transaction. That amount is the same for residents and tourists now, though tourists used to be limited to seven grams. Medical marijuana patients in Colorado are allowed to possess as much as two ounces (56 grams) at any given time. It’s effortless to figure out your maximum order when you’re buying flower, but you may have to make conversions when you buy concentrates, edibles, and other products. The staff at your Denver dispensary will be able to help you calculate the total amount of your order and determine if it’s legal or not.

What Is a Budtender?

A budtender is an employee at a dispensary. The budtender’s job is to assist customers as they complete transactions, and you can ask them all of your questions about the products. When you visit a dispensary in Denver, the budtender should be able to talk to you about the different strains and introduce you to a variety of new products that may be appealing to you.

How Do I Find the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Denver?

Here at Greenfields Cannabis Co., we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of premium cannabis products at fair prices. Our budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable, so you can expect excellent customer service as you navigate the dispensary menu at either of our locations.

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