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Greenfields Cannabis Co. is a leading Colorado dispensary, going above and beyond to provide customers with excellent cannabis options at our two Denver dispensaries.

Our team combines a passion for the industry with extensive knowledge and training to select the best cannabis products for you, making it easy to find something that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

A Diverse Dispensary Menu with Options to Suit Your Needs

One of the reasons that so many Colorado cannabis consumers choose Greenfields Cannabis Co. is our exceptional selection of premium cannabis, which offers an extensive range of choices.

We know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cannabis experience, which is why we’ve worked diligently to ensure that our Colorado dispensary menu provides excellent options for all consumers’ needs.

No matter how you prefer to enjoy cannabis, Greenfields Cannabis Co. has something you’ll love.


Explore a variety of strains in our collection of marijuana flower, each one containing its own unique properties and effects.

Our team can help you select a cannabis strain in line with your personal goals and desired experience, with options including both well-known and rarer boutique varieties.


Convenient, easy to enjoy, and available in many different strains, pre-rolls are a useful addition to your cannabis experience.

Also known as joints, these marijuana cigarettes are made using ground flower, rolled into a paper and packaged for purchase. You can count on consistent quality and simple, hassle-free use.


Each of our cannabis concentrates is crafted with the utmost care and consideration, provided in several forms, including oils.

Marijuana concentrates are preferred by consumers who are searching for a high concentration and lower serving size (when compared to standard flower), and are ideal for vaporizing or topical use.

Many of our concentrates provide exceptional levels of both THC and CBD.


Cannabis edibles are a delicious and often enjoyable way to incorporate marijuana into your lifestyle.

Whether you select edibles inspired by sweet confections, beloved desserts, or refreshing beverages, you can shop with confidence when you choose Greenfields Cannabis Co.


Our line-up of premium cannabis topicals features lotions, patches, creams, and more.

Many adult-use consumers select topicals for targeted application, specifically aligned with their personal health and wellness goals.


Searching for high-quality cannabis gear in Denver? Greenfields Cannabis Co. has everything you need to enjoy your cannabis in style, including an impressive collection of colorful pipes.

Stock up on practical basics, like grinders and ashtrays, with our affordable gear.

Greenfields Cannabis Co.: Your Trusted Denver Dispensary

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer or just beginning your marijuana journey, the Greenfields Cannabis Co. team is here to help.

Friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about cannabis, our staff is happy to guide you through the shopping process.

Our family-owned business is always focused on providing the best possible experience to Denver medical marijuana and recreational consumers alike, working to make your dispensary visit enjoyable and educational.

In addition to serving as your Denver cannabis experts, Greenfields Cannabis Co. is also proud to be home to the best cannabis deals in Colorado.

We believe that you should never have to sacrifice quality for the sake of your budget, which is why you’ll never find overinflated prices or low-quality products at our Denver-area dispensaries.

Browse our Denver dispensary cannabis menus to explore our full range of product options, or stop by one of our dispensary locations today!