Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

Greenfields Cannabis Co. provides our customers with an extensive selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid weed strains, offering a wide range of options for cannabis products to suit your individual preferences. Whether you are shopping our Colorado dispensaries for recreational or medical marijuana, you can be confident that you’ll find an exceptional variety of strain types to consider.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

Our cannabis strains are generally organized into three primary categories, each one representing a distinct type of marijuana experience. If you have an idea of the specific cannabis experience you are most interested in, you can often use the categorizations as a useful touchstone of expected effects.


Indica cannabis strains are usually considered to be physically relaxing providing pleasantly sedating effects. Many adult consumers prefer indica strains for evening or nighttime use. Indica is also known as the “calm strains”.


Sativa strains are believed to have an energizing, uplifting effect, and are often enjoyed for daytime use. Sativas are popularly paired with activities such as exercise, social events, and artistic or creative projects. Sativa is also known as the “energy” strains.


Hybrids are strains that fall in the middle ground between sativas and indicas, and generally provide a balanced combination of both of those strains’ characteristics. Hybrid is also known as the “balanced” strains.

Choosing the Best Marijuana Strains for You

It’s important to keep in mind that these three general categories shouldn’t be your only guide to selecting the strain that’s right for you. An increasing amount of cannabis research is showing that there are many other factors that can affect your overall cannabis experience – and luckily, the knowledgeable budtenders at Greenfields Cannabis Co. are well-prepared to serve as your guides.

Here are just a few factors that can help you pick a cannabis strain that’s well-suited to meet your expectations:

Cannabinoid Content

Cannabinoids are often considered the active ingredients of marijuana, with the two most common being THC and CBD.

    • THC-dominant strains are popular for patients hoping to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and anxiety, providing a potent “high.”
    • CBD-dominant strains offer the benefit of symptom relief without a powerful euphoric high, and can be a good option for individuals who are sensitive to the effects of THC.
    • Balanced CBD/THC strains are popular with new cannabis consumers seeking the classic marijuana experience.


Terpenes are the aromatic elements found in the cannabis plant, and they’re what gives each strain its unique scent. While scientists are still learning about how terpenes shape the overall effects of cannabis, you may find that prefer certain ones over others.

Personal Preferences

Of course, everyone is unique when it comes to finding their perfect cannabis strain match. Differences in biology, experience level, and even how you choose to enjoy cannabis can play an important role in choosing the strain that’s right for you. For example, those that are fairly new to cannabis often opt to start with a low-THC strain, while our more seasoned customers may prefer higher THC concentrations.

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Whether you’re interested in purchasing a long-time favorite strain or you’re considering trying something new, Greenfields Cannabis Co. has you covered. We’ve worked diligently to assemble a massive selection of the best marijuana strains available, and our team is always seeking out new discoveries to add to our cannabis collection. One of the biggest benefits of choosing our dispensaries in Denver is having access to our experienced team of budtenders, who are more than happy to share their wealth of cannabis knowledge with customers.

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