You may have smoked a dozen strains of cannabis, or perhaps you’ve tried all the gummies, cookies, and cake pops infused with marijuana that you could find. If you’re tired of your usual fare and you’re considering trying something new, look into tinctures. Tinctures made from THC offer many of the same benefits you’re used to when using cannabis in other forms. Read on to discover what tinctures are, when they are used, and who may benefit most from them.

What Are Tinctures?

Tinctures are simply alcohol solutions that have been infused with another substance. The word “tincture” may sound old-fashioned to you, and that’s for a good reason: Herbal tinctures have been used for thousands of years as medicines for just about every ailment you can think of, and they’re still in use today. This type of preparation is a great way to store and transport a substance. They’re different from other cannabis products in the following ways:

    • Tinctures are infused with alcohol, so they have a longer shelf life
    • Tinctures may include THC to CBD ratios so you can more accurately calculate your dosage with a measured dropper
    • Tinctures are generally more fast-acting than other THC products due to their ability to be absorbed sublingually

Uses and Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Using a cannabis tincture can be especially beneficial for those who want to easily and safely transport their THC solution without the need for extra equipment. There’s nothing to roll, heat up, or bake before you consume this liquid. It can be mixed into drinks, certain types of food, and even water. Tinctures essentially make it possible to infuse any substance with the benefits of cannabis. The cannabis in these products is mixed with an alcohol solution, which makes tinctures easier to store and preserve. You will need to keep them in a cool, dark place to ensure that they do not overheat or spoil.

When starting to use tinctures, you’ll want to be careful to learn about the proper dosage requirements, especially if you are used to smoking your cannabis. A dose as small as one milliliter may contain all the THC you need — and accidentally or purposefully consuming more than this may adversely affect your health. 

Are Tinctures Stronger Than Edibles?

Tinctures aren’t necessarily stronger than edibles, but they take effect on the human body faster and more efficiently if you put them under your tongue. Holding a THC tincture underneath your tongue allows it to get into your bloodstream faster than if you were to eat it and digest it like food. If you don’t like smoking and you’re concerned about the high-calorie content of edibles, tinctures may be a great choice for you.

Look for a high-quality tincture that contains a measured dropper, or purchase your own dropper. Experiment with how much of the tincture you will need to take sublingually, and remember, going slow is best when you start. You may want to speak to us for a recommendation if you’re used to smoking or consuming edibles before you begin using a tincture.

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