Cannabis Flower

Even as concentrates and edibles become popular, many people still prefer to buy cannabis flower. This is a classic and natural way to enjoy the plant, and that’s only part of the reason our customers are interested in it. Cannabis buds are also extremely versatile. Whether you prefer to smoke out of glass, roll cones, or whip up a batch of homemade edibles, cannabis flower is a great place to start.

Different Strains of Cannabis Flower

One of the many interesting things about cannabis is the way different strains can lead to different experiences. The classic way to discuss different types of cannabis flower is by categorizing them as indica strains, sativa strains, or hybrid strains

  • Indica Strains – Even though every strain is unique, there are certain qualities people normally expect from indica strains. They’re a popular choice for nightly enjoyment, especially before unwinding, eating dinner, or going to bed. Most of our customers ask us about indicas when they want to feel relaxed, content, and physically comfortable.
  • Sativa Strains – Sativa strains generally have a reputation for being a good option earlier in the day or when you want to be productive. They’re associated with an uplifted or energetic feeling that pairs well with social settings, outdoor activities, and creative work. 
  • Hybrid Strains – Anything that falls somewhere between indicas and sativas on the spectrum is considered a hybrid strain. Hybrid cannabis flower may have some properties of both indicas and sativas.

Others prefer to discuss the effects of cannabis in terms of how relaxing or stimulating a strain is, among other things. As we learn more about what makes each strain unique, more people like to know about a strain’s specific terpene profile and cannabinoid levels. THC is responsible for producing most of the high from cannabis, while CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive effects all by itself. In addition to those important cannabinoids, organic compounds called terpenes can affect the way a cannabis strain interacts with the body.

How to Buy Cannabis Flower in Denver

There are a lot of options to navigate before you can buy the best cannabis buds in Denver. The growers in this state are some of the best in the world, so it’s relatively easy to find a premium cannabis flower. There are a few characteristics to look for when you’re hunting for a really special strain. Use sight, smell, and touch to get an idea of a bud’s quality.

  • Sight – Look for shiny strains, because a thick dusting of crystals indicates high cannabinoid levels. The crystals you see are called trichomes, and that’s where you can find a lot of CBD and THC.
  • Smell – If the fragrance is powerful, your strain may taste better and produce a nice entourage effect. The unique scent you’re picking up will provide some hints about the terpenes in this specific type of cannabis.
  • Touch – You normally can’t handle cannabis buds in a dispensary, but you certainly can once you get home. If the bud is sticky, it means there’s a lot of resin present, which is a sign of high THC levels.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a sleuth to pick the best cannabis flower. All you have to do is visit our dispensaries in Denver.

Cannabis Buds at Greenfields Cannabis Co.

Greenfields Cannabis Co. has two dispensaries in Denver: one near Overland, and one near the Athmar Park neighborhood. Both locations are stocked with cannabis flower from some of the best growers in Colorado, and our experienced budtenders will help you explore different options. Check our dispensary menu today to start shopping.