How Using Flower Along With Concentrates Enhances and Prolongs the Experience

Which is better: cannabis concentrates or flower? The rise of concentrates has some industry experts thinking that extracts might start outselling flower itself within the next few years.

Cannabis flower is great for a classic experience, while the concentrates are popular among people who want higher concentrations of THC. Some cannabis consumers like to take a middle path by combining flower with concentrates to enhance their experience. Before we dive into the experience of using flower and concentrates, let’s distinguish the two forms of cannabis.

Concentrates Vs. Flower

Concentrates are extractions made from cannabis plant material. The idea is to isolate the most desirable natural organic compounds like cannabinoids (especially THC or CBD) and terpenes while removing other plant material.

Since the active ingredients are more prevalent in concentrates, consumers typically consume much smaller amounts of those products than they would of natural cannabis flower.

Some of the strongest flower in the world tops out in the ballpark of 25-30% THC, while many types of concentrates have been tested at over 80% THC.

That’s quite a bit of a difference between the cannabinoid concentration of flower compared to concentrates.

People who wish to keep their options open often buy cannabis concentrates and flower. Some consumers report that combining flower with extracts is a cost-effective way to control both taste and THC concentration.

How to Combine Cannabis Concentrates With Flower

There are ways to consume cannabis concentrates all by themselves, but many of them require additional gear like specialized rigs, vape pens, or even torch lighters.

Most people find that the easiest way to enjoy concentrates is by combining them with cannabis flower.

To do so, you can sprinkle some budder on top of a bowl, mix live resin with your flower, or wrap shatter around the outside of a joint.

This can make for an enjoyable and flavorful experience, but it’s important to be mindful of how much concentrate you add.

THC levels are much higher in concentrates than they are in even the best strains of cannabis flower, which means the normal serving size of concentrates would be much smaller.

Proceed with caution so things don’t get too intense, especially if you plan on smoking with anyone who isn’t accustomed to large servings of cannabis.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There is no shortage of options when it comes to cannabis concentrates. The product you choose will depend on how you want to enjoy it.

People who like to combine flower with extracts are typically drawn to concentrates that are fairly easy to work with.

  • Shatter can be hard to portion out but is great at sticking to things.
  • Distillates in syringes can be easily applied just about anywhere.
  • Wax and live resin are soft enough to be mixed in with ground cannabis flower.

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