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Understanding Denver Colorado Marijuana Laws in 2020

We’re ecstatic that cannabis is recreationally legal for adult-use in Colorado. Some of our state legislators worked hard to give us the right to enjoy cannabis, but it’s still important to understand the laws. There are still numerous rules and regulations in effect, so learn about Colorado marijuana laws to make sure you’re staying safe and legal.

The list below covers some of the most common questions.

Who Can Buy Cannabis in Colorado?

Any adult who is at least 21 years old can purchase recreational cannabis in Colorado with a valid government-issued ID. Even residents of other states and countries can purchase recreational cannabis. People over the age of 18 may be able to buy cannabis as long as they have a valid medical marijuana card. This only applies to licensed sources like dispensaries, as buying from an unlicensed individual is still illegal.

Where Can I Smoke Cannabis in Denver?

It’s illegal to smoke marijuana in any public area in Colorado. That means parks, music venues, schools, and restaurants are still no-smoking zones in terms of cannabis. You still have plenty of options though, because you can smoke in private residences (as long as you don’t have a lease with smoking restrictions). There are also venues that are licensed to allow the consumption of cannabis, including some hotels and other private properties like bed and breakfast locations. Smoking cannabis before driving or in a car is also illegal, though you may transport sealed cannabis in your car within the state.

How Much Cannabis Can I Get at One Time?

Adults in Colorado can purchase up to 28 grams (one ounce) of cannabis per day.The one-ounce limit also applies to possession– that’s the most you can have at one time. Those limits are for flower, and it’s slightly different for concentrates and edibles. The daily limit for cannabis concentrates is 8 grams, and you’re limited to 800 milligrams of THC in the form of edibles.

This is the most confusing aspect of Colorado cannabis laws for many people. It can be difficult to know how much cannabis you’re allowed to buy when you’re mixing and matching flower, concentrates, and edibles. There’s no need to bust out your calculator or stress yourself out, though. As long as you shop at one of the best dispensaries in Denver, you’ll be with an experienced budtender who can make sure you stay within the purchase limits.

Can I Bring Cannabis Home From Colorado?

Your premium Colorado cannabis must stay in the state with you. Cannabis is illegal in airports, and TSA agents still operate under the federal laws that say cannabis is illegal. It’s also illegal to drive your marijuana out of the state because you’re not allowed to cross state lines with it. This applies even if you’re traveling to another state where recreational cannabis is permitted.

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