The Best Ways to Celebrate 4/20 From Home in Denver

The Best Ways to Celebrate 4/20 From Home in Denver

Many of us in the cannabis community spend a lot of the year looking forward to 4/20. This year, though, social distancing and public safety have to take precedent over all of our normal celebrations. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the holiday, just that you’ll have to come up with ways to celebrate 4/20 at home.

At Home 4/20 Cannabis Celebration Ideas

Denver is normally one of the most popular places in the world on 4/20. Cannabis enthusiasts have their choice of different festivals, events, and other gatherings. This year, since the responsible thing is to celebrate 4/20 at home, we’ve compiled a list of five different things you can do to enjoy the holiday.

1 – Have a Live-Stream Sesh with The Squad

Get your friends together over video chat like Zoom or Facebook Live and have a virtual sess with your squad. Share new strains or products discovered, try new strains out together, find the best cannabis deals in Denver for everyone to take advantage of this April.

2 – Make a Blanket Fort

If you’re feeling a little bit isolated this 4/20, a blanket fort can help you embrace it by creating your own little world. Make yourself comfortable, and don’t forget to bring some entertainment into the fort with you. Pillows, snacks, and books all make excellent additions.

3 – Have a Movie Marathon

You can enjoy your favorite cannabis products and watch a movie on just about any day of the year. Take things up a notch today by planning an entire day or evening of your favorite films of all time. Treat yourself to some good food, cozy up on the couch, and fire up your go-to streaming service. We normally like to end on a light-hearted classic we’ve already seen as a good way to wind down, especially if the marathon includes some intense movies.

4 – Learn About Colorado’s New Weed Delivery Laws

You might not be excited that you have to spend 4/20 in your home this year, but there may come a time when you’re delighted about staying in. Thanks to some new cannabis laws in Colorado, your favorite dispensary will be able to come to you. Learn about Denver’s cannabis delivery laws to get excited about the future.

5 – Brush Up on Modern Cannabis Science

If an uplifting strain has you feeling especially motivated this 4/20, you might want to dive into the Brave New Weed Podcast. Joe Dolce uses this podcast to normalize cannabis and educate people. Guests include politicians, lawyers, scientists, and cannabis concentrate makers. If you want to know as much as possible about the modern cannabis industry, this is an excellent place to start.

6 – Become a Cannabis Industry Professional, Now Hiring at Greenfields

Do you have a passion about cannabis every day of the year, not just 4/20? What a great way to celebrate 4/20 then to become a cannabis industry professional by working at Greenfields Cannabis Co. Greenfields offers a high energy, fun work environment and great people to work with! If interest, please send your badge and resume to

Online Ordering & Curbside Pickup with Greenfields Cannabis Co

No matter what you ultimately decide as far as ways to celebrate 4/20 during coronavirus, you can stock up here at Greenfields Cannabis Co. We have two cannabis dispensaries in Denver, so you can find one close to you for maximum convenience. We’re also committed to the health and safety of our customers. Place an order online to reduce your exposure to others this 4/20.

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